Wednesday, 9 November 2011

DTR: Podcast 01 Arku & Walrii

The first monthly podcast from Dub Temple Records featuring mixes from djs around the world. This months contributions from Arku (White Rhino, Brisbane) and Walrii (Dank Morass, Brisbane).
Hosted by Phoebe Baker

ARKU (tracklist)

Crypt Thing - Hamarikyu Garden
Hounds of Hate - Tumble Down Slow
Innergaze - Way of Life
Games - Heartlands
Crypt Thing - Angels Delight
Marco Napoletano - The Calm Before the Storm
Floating Points - Vacuum Boogie
Gonzalez - Knight Moves (Dj Koze remix)

Walrii (tracklist)

Julian Abelar - The Bubble of Perception (giftedandblessed.bandcamp)
Szare - Active Five (Idle Hands)
Zach Christ - Hach Me (Shigeto's 4AM Edit) (Moodgadget)
Four Tet - Circling (Domino)
Shed - Mayday (Oston Gut)
CHLLNGR - Out of your Hands (Green Owl)
Aches - Bullet Sleep (Exitab)
Option Command - Hidden Valleys (Outlier)
Stayput - Aardvarck (Eat Concrete)
Walrii - Winds (mix1)
Lukid - Park it Low (Glum)
Ward 21 Productions - Pit Bull (Soul Jazz)